1 RULES OF PLAY (a) The Rules of Play shall be as described in Clause 5 – Match Rules and shall adopt ESMBA and BSMBA rules as appropriate. (b) The Rules of play shall be reviewed from time to time and amended and additions incorporated as necessary. The approved amendments and additions shall take effect commencing a whole playing season. (c) Any questions or matter arising which is not provided for in the Rules of Play, shall be dealt with by the Management Committee whose decision shall be final. (d) Note: introducing Rules of Play during a VSMBFL match which are not part of Clause 5 shall not be permitted in any circumstances. 2 CLUB TEAMS A club team competing in the VSMBFL League and Cup Competitions shall consist of a group of players which shall be sufficient in number at any time to accommodate selection and provide contingencies. From a group of players twelve shall be chosen whenever possible to represent a Club Team. The compositions of the up to twelve players may be varied from match to match at the discretion of Clubs, but shall be selected from the group with no other exceptions as provided for in the Rules. 3 REGISTRATION d) To be eligible to play in the VSMBFL league a Short Mat Bowls Club must be registered with the BSMBA b) All club members are eligible to play in the League and its competitions. c) Where a Club has more than one team in the League then the players shall play for one team only. Interchange of player or players among the teams in a multi-team Club shall not be permitted in any circumstances. 4 FEES a) League and Association fees shall be paid before the season commences for both League and individual Club Membership. b) Registration fees shall be paid by the 30th September in each season. Failure to meet these requirements shall result in forfeiture of all relevant matches until the fee is paid. 5A MATCH RULES NOTE: Covid precautions may be imposed by the host club and shall be observed by all attendees including players and spectators. a) Each team of up to twelve players shall play as four teams of triples. b) Each triple shall play one game of ten ends. No roll ups. 1 shot scored on the first two ends. Jack off the mat 2 shots away except first two ends when only 1 is scored. c) A match shall consist of four games. d) Each player shall play with three bowls e) For under strength teams, 1) only 10 or 11 players available, leads and twos from the first games draw for the lead(s) only in the second half - on a different mat if possible. 2) a team of 9 players can play a full game, with the leads and a drawn two from the first half playing as twos and a lead in the second half on different mats. 3) a team of 8 players can play a full game, with the leads and twos from the first half playing as twos and leads in the second half on different mats. 4) The captains can use their discretion to a change of player(s) who cannot play twice, with the agreement of the opposition. 5) any club that can only raise 8 players for a particular fixture and know in advance that relevant players are not prepared to play two games in the fixture can arrange with their opponents, in advance of the fixture, to play 4 pairs games with 3 woods each 6) For less than 8 players only two competitive games can be played. Rule 5A e)(7) will apply. 7) For each game under 4 not played the defaulting team shall concede 2 points and 10 shots. f) League Matches not played: 7 points to 3 points + 40 shot against defaulting team (last resort as there is a full season to fit it in). TIME OF COMMENCMENT for all matches: Home Captains to confirm match date and start time (7.15pm – 7.45pm-latest) with away team Captain and welcome them on the night. g) Points shall be awarded on the following basis: - 2 points to the winner of each game: 1 point each for a draw: 2 points for the highest number of shots overall. h) Each team captain shall be responsible for the selection of his/her triples and in which order they are to be played. A scorecard shall be made out by each captain, clearly listing the players and the order of play, and the numbers one to four to indicate the order of his/her games. i) Captains to toss for the match jack. j) The team with the highest number of points after the completion of the games will be declared the winner of the match. If the points are equal the games will be declared a draw k) At least six players from each team must be present at the Time of Commencement. l) All players at the bowling end shall be positioned behind the mat (where possible) when not in charge of the rink. m) Leads and Seconds shall not proceed to the head end of the rink until the final bowl delivered by the Seconds comes to rest. n) For all practical purposes the Delivery Lines shall be judged to extend into the ditch. o) The second skip to play may stay at the head until the first skip’s first bowl has come to rest. Subsequently, visits to the head to be restricted to one visit by a skip prior to bowling their last wood of an end. p) No Coaching from Spectators. All team members can advise, with a maximum of 2 team members on the mat at one time taking care not to disturb the head but only 1 person can instruct skip. q) Firing: A visible and verbal warning must be given, including adjacent mats. Please be careful. r) Fenders: check position prior to each play - foot BEHIND FENDER not on it. s) Jack or bowl over fender – 3 shots away. t) Foot faults: warning given for first offence – wood removed thereafter. However, if whole foot is over the line the wood will be removed immediately. u) Player taken sick during game: replace like for like, e.g. lead for lead, (on different mat) v) CLUB BOWLS STICKERS must be used for all league & JR matches. Bowls without club stickers are to be removed. w) The league winner, on the completion of all games, shall be the team with the greatest number of points. Should points be equal the winner shall be the team with the highest shot difference. Should these still be equal then the winner shall be the team with the most game wins. x) At all times players shall wear flat smooth-soled heel-less shoes when on the mat. Members shall wear plain white tops or club colours above the waist and mid grey below at all League and Cup Competitions. y) Players belonging to more than one club shall nominate the preferred club to play for regarding the forthcoming season. z) There will be NO SMOKING within the playing venue and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on unlicensed premises e.g. School Halls. 5B John Robinson Memorial Cup Competition Rules where different from League a) Teams that enter shall be divided into two groups by the Match/Fixtures Secretary. Each team shall play every other in their group both home and away unless otherwise determined by the Match/Fixtures Secretary. b) Teams of 12 players play in positions drawn on the night. c) 2 Singles games drawn from 6 nominated players. Then the next 10 positions drawn in order 3 to 12. d) If only 10/11 players: draw as normal Singles, Pairs, Triples. Pair(s) lead(s) play lead(s) in Triples i.e. Pairs 3 plays position 10 and pairs 5 would play position 7. e) A team of down to 8 players can play a full game. In addition to the provisions of rule 5B c) skips in the pairs play twos in the triples, i.e. player drawn 4 also plays 11 and player drawn 6 also plays 8. f) The captains can use their discretion to a change of player(s) who cannot play twice, with the agreement of the opposition. g) If unable to play a match and no alternate date available: shots 55 – 25 against defaulting team. h) Only shots count (points not available). All other League rules apply. If none, then ESMBA rules apply. i) The winners of each group shall be those with the greatest number of shots. Should shots be equal the team with the highest shot difference will qualify. Should shot difference be equal the team with the greatest number of wins shall qualify. The two winners shall meet in a final. j) The final shall be played in the same format as the qualifying games. The winner shall be the team with the highest total shots. Should shots be equal an extra end of triples shall be played as a decider. k) Final venue 8) The Committee will decide the venue and publish it, the date and time when issuing the league schedules and on the website and ensure it is booked. 9) Wing Social Club shall be the favoured venue and used while short mat is active there and they offer it on acceptable terms Otherwise: 10) Any club in the VSMBFL may offer the services of their venue for the final for consideration by the Committee. The Committee shall select a venue from any suitable ones offered by random draw. 11) Should the venue be that of a member club that reaches the final then the Committee shall decide on another venue. 12) The Committee may choose a venue not used by a VSMBFL Club. (6) The venue for the final shall have the space for spectators as well as the finalists and adequate car parking. 5C PENALTIES Infringement of Rules of Play shall empower the Management Committee to implement any of the following penalties: (a) Forfeiture or reduction in League/JR points. (b) The cancellation of any particular result with or without the instruction to re- play (c) A temporary or permanent suspension from the VSMBFL The above penalties may be applied to any player, or team or Club and may be implemented or enforced in any combination. 6 MATCH NIGHTS Before the season commences each team shall state a fixed night on which it will normally play home matches. Any home matches that cannot be played on this fixed night shall be discussed with the appropriate away team and an alternative night agreed. This night can be anytime up until the end of the season. If both teams agree, a home fixture can be swapped with their away fixture. With agreement matches can be played during the day. Should, during the season, a fixture problem arise then this will be discussed by both teams and an alternative date agreed: Should this happen less than 7 days before the planned match then the opposing team can either agree to a change or claim the match under rule 5A(f). 7 POSTPONEMENT OF MATCHES` Should it become necessary (and in exceptional circumstances only), a match may be postponed by mutual consent of both teams. It is the duty of the team requesting the postponement to notify the League Fixture/Match Secretary immediately. Note: For the purpose of rules 6 and 7, shortage of players shall not be treated as an exceptional circumstance. 8 MATCH RESULTS A match result sheet (issued by Fixture/Match Secretary) shall be supplied by the home team and made out (with full names) and signed by both captains. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the result sheet is in the hands of the League Fixture/Match Secretary not later than seven days after the match has taken place. Failure to comply with this fully shall result in an AUTOMATIC loss of all points in that match. 9 NON-ARRIVAL OF TEAMS OR PLAYERS FOR SCHEDULED LEAGUE MATCH A VSMBFL Club which fails to provide a team or any part of a team for a scheduled League match at the TIME OF COMMENCEMENT shall, as described hereafter, incur the consequent penalties unless provided for elsewhere in these Rules. a) The non-arrival of a team shall lead to the forfeiture of the match by 7 – 3 points and 40 shots. b) A match may proceed with 8 players. An un-played game concedes 2 points and 10 shots. c) Appeal: A team wishing to appeal against a forfeiture decision shall lodge its appeal with the League Fixture/Match Secretary within twenty-four hours of the committed offence. 10 UNFINISHED MATCHES Any match remaining uncompleted through contingencies arising beyond the control and solution of the competing teams shall be reported to the League Fixture/Match Secretary including notification of revised arrangements to complete the match before the season ends. Upon resumption of a match a game shall recommence from the last completed end prior to suspension. 11 DISPUTES AND COMPLAINTS Prior notice of a dispute or complaint shall be submitted to the League Fixture/Match Secretary within three days of the occurrence unless otherwise specified. The Secretary of the team or Club concerned shall also be notified. The matter shall then be considered by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final. For the purpose of settling disputes which occur during play: - At all matches the Home Team Captain will have available an up-to-date copy of both the League Rules and the ESMBA Rules. When matches are played at neutral venues BOTH TEAM CAPTAINS will carry these Rules. Revised 19/05/2023