The Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League, VSMBFL, consists of nine Buckinghamshire bowls teams who compete with each other in ‘friendly’ matches from October to April each year. Current member teams are Beacon, Chinnor, Thame, Marsh Gibbon, Stewkley, Wendover LG, Wendover DG, Bierton and Winslow. The matches are usualy played in the weekday evenings starting at 7:30 and completed by 10:30pm. The day of the week is club dependant. Two clubs play matches on Monday evenings, five Tuesday evenings and two on Wednesdays. The VSMBFL matches consist of four teams of three people from each club playing ten ends using three bowls. The format for the evening is four teams competing on two mats, tea/coffee/biscuits break and then the other four teams play their games. The clubs also compete in the John Robinson Memorial Shield where the clubs are split into two groups. The clubs play against each other within their group and the highest scoring team from each group then compete for the trophy in the final at the end of the season. The JR competition consists of two games of singles, pairs and triples with the players names drawn from a hat to determine which game they play in, which position they play and on which mat. So you arrive at the club not knowing which game, position or mat you will play. Makes for an enjoyable evening.
Short Mat Bowls truly is the sport for all. It is for all ages and abilities - making it the perfect sport for all members of a family to enjoy together. Like all sports, the object is essentially simple, but to be able to play consistently well demands determination, concentration and practice. Bowls is a sport for life - those who try it usually get hooked. It has been medically proven that bowls improves general health and helps to strengthen the immune system. Bowls is not only a sport, a varied and active social life comes with it. It is the ideal sport for meeting new people, socialising and meeting new challenges head-on
Make new friends. All the clubs welcome new members. Don’t become isolated. Losing a loved one often brings isolation, joining a bowls club can help enjoyment return to your life. Feel safe. People feel safe in familiar surroundings and company. Bowls can be a lifeline. New friendships can be formed. Community spirit. All members of the community can enjoy bowls and lead healthier life style.
Bowls give muscles and joints a good workout. The game provides all round physical activity for the body and the social side boosts psychological and emotional health. Bowls is primarily aerobic and provides valuable cardiovascular exercise as well as stretching muscles. Bowls exercises the mind trying to outwit opponents. All of this means during an average game you will: Bend more than 30 times. Walk 10 times the length of the mat. Swing arms more than 30 times to deliver a bowl weighing more than three pounds.

Join a club and enjoy all these benefits

To try short mat bowls just go along to a friendly roll-up session at any of the clubs. A friendly bunch of like-minded people will offer a welcome and demonstrate how the game is played. All that’s needed is a pair of flat-soled shoes or slippers and a willingness to have a go. There won’t be any charge for your first few sessions. There might even be a cup of tea on offer

Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League

The league matches start in October and conclude in April

But you don’t have to wait, Rollup sessions are running at your local bowls

club now.

See the CLUBS page for details of your nearest club.

New members are always very welcome, you don’t need any equipment, just

flat soled shoes. Coaching is available free

There is a very good explanation of short mat bowls at
A sport for all ages
A place to make friends
Exercise and keep healthy

Welcome to the Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League